Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back from Thailand

We are back from our vacation now. We were in Australia for 3 weeks and in Thailand for almost 3 months. I had not been cooking at all. I did eat many good foods in both places. My Australian’s host mom was a really good cook, and my grandma and sitter in law who I stayed with in Thailand was the best cook ever. I will post more pictures and recipes from my note in the near future.

You know what; I could not believe I will say this. I really missed the outdoor market in Thailand more than I missed my families in Thailand. My routine in the morning after I got up from my comfortable bed was that I would hop on my brother motorcycle and rode to this farmer market where I got all fresh vegetables, fruits and fresh seafood. I also got my Thai ice coffee there every morning. It was so nice and so beautiful. Nothing taste like Thai ice coffee in Thailand; I would not trade my Thai ice coffee with anything even Starbuck coffee.

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